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Mission & Vision


Our vision is to be a contributory force towards fulfillment of three basic needs of human life- Roti, Kapra Aur Makan directly and indirectly by developing lands/plots, by building houses/ flats of high quality at affordable prices and by providing jobs to the people at large to the best of our means & ability.
It is also our vision to strive to bridge the gap between demand & supply by our efforts and available resources.                                                                                                       


With the Inspiration & benevolent grace of our father Late Hari Dayal Singh ji, who always believed in hard work and quality coupled with devotion & Honesty, We are committed and dedicated to be instrumental for the progress & aggrandizement of our Society and State in particular and Nation in general by means of resources available with us.

Contact Us

Balprada Built Pvt. Ltd.
502, 7th Floor, Adharshila Complex
South Gandhi Maidan, Near RBI
Phone : +91 612 3249178
Mob : +91- 9334619715,+91- 8986925058
        +91- 9386254906, +91- 7488579611
Email :


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