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About us

Brssha Built Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. 

Founded in 1996 is tirelessly and continuously engaged in Real Estate as a Land Developers, Planners & Builders for the last 17 glorious years. It is a most reliable name in the field of Real Estate, you can trust and back upon. It makes the land/plots available at the affordable prices up to the entire satisfaction of customer. It always caters the customers as per their needs and requirements. Brssha Built has been formed by its Founder Directors Suman Kumar Singh and Bipin Kumar Singh. Many important Projects have been executed successfully by this company.

Balprada Built Pvt.Ltd.

Balprada Built since its inception in 2011 has come a long way in terms of achievements. It is committed and dedicated to render its valuable services by buildings Flats/ Apartment / Duplex Houses of high quality & standard for customers to suit their pockets. Its engineers work to bring about a combination of creative and innovative designs and materials using advanced technology in order to provide utmost comforts that are suited to meet user requirements. This is the reason that in just over two years Balprada Built has set exemplary standards in terms of meeting requirements of its customers as a Land Developer, Planner & Builder. It has also been able to instil a great deal of faith & trust among its customer and expanded its cliental network in a very short span of time.
Both the companies are managed by a team of progressive professionals under the dynamic leadership of Young Entrepreneurs Suman Kumar Singh – Chairman  & Managing Director, Bipin Kumar Singh – Director  & Vikas Kumar Singh – Director.

Contact Us

Balprada Built Pvt. Ltd.
502, 7th Floor, Adharshila Complex
South Gandhi Maidan, Near RBI
Phone : +91 612 3249178
Mob : +91- 9334619715,+91- 8986925058
        +91- 9386254906, +91- 7488579611
Email :


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